Why is Tyga still batting 1000?

I don't think I will ever understand why "rapper" Tyga pulls nothing but straight 10's on the dating market. After splitting up with Kylie Jenner, Tyga is reportadly dating Instagram model Demi Rose.

Here is a link to her Instagram, where you will find a lot of photos that look like the one below.

1. I have no idea what Tyga brings to the table, he looks like an alien. 

2. He cannot by any means rap.

"She like to fuck me, suck me, suck then fuck me
I'm the ice cream man, she chunky monkey
I'm the ice cream man, she chunky monkey
All these money hungry hungry hippos wanna love me
All these diamonds dusty, mine just clear and sunny
I don't rock Giuseppes, nah them shits is ugly
I'm in the ghetto, the gutter, I got the sugar the butter
I got the mama the brother, oh yeah your son is a hustler
She wanna fuck and suck, but I ain't gon' rush it
I'm the ice cream man, I ball every summer
These boys wanna run it, that's cool cause I need more runners
Tell 'em get me more condoms, we doin' more fuckin'" - Tyga in Ice Cream Man

Once your ears have been tortured by one of Tyga's songs they have heard his whole, because he rhymes the exact same words over and over again, song after song.

3. He is constantly in the news for running out of money/being broke/buying things he can't afford.

Example 1.

Example 2.

Example 3. 

How is it possible that this guy can only date smoke shows? Its one of earths great wonders for sure. Maybe Tyga is a great guy with a big heart? Maybe he makes the ladies laugh? He's got to have some talent somewhere, and these ladies are finding it when I still can't. 

Tyga did deny these rumors amid reports of him and Demi flying private to and from Cannes together. Tyga does not even belong in the same vicinity of the girls he's hanging with.