Bryan Cranston deserves his 7th Emmy for Jimmy Kimmel skit

Jimmy Kimmel is my go to for late night talk shows. If I am going to be up that late watching guys try to be funny, I need them to actually be funny. In my opinion, Kimmel and Conan are a million times funnier than their competition, and this skit is a great example of that.

Taking the God awful MTV show "My Super Sweet 16" and making it watchable is something I never thought to be possible, until now. Watching Cranston turn 60 with all of the bullshit and attitude of America's spoiled youth is a sight to behold. 

The phenomenal cameos in the video don't hurt, but Cranston's uncanny ability to play a whiny teenage witch is what carries his performance to the stratosphere. 

"All I asked for is 5 crowns, a Lambo, the party, and Cisco."