Dual Survivor guy claims he almost died from his co-host

Well, this is ironic. 

Ex "Dual Survival" host Cody Lundin is claiming his co-host tried to kill him, according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ, filed against Discovery.

These 2 guys were filmed traveling the world, exploring the many armpits of planet earth....and apparently were trying to kill one another behind the scenes.

Lundin says in the suit that producers made it look like he was losing it during filming but in reality, Teti waved an ice axe around while threatening to bury Lundin on a mountain in Norway. While shooting in Hawaii, Lundin says Teti threatened to impale him with a spear.

This show was not very good television to begin with, if this attempted murder had occurred on screen, ratings probably would have shot through the roof. They did not spend enough time during the show focusing on the fact that this Teti guy was an ex CIA operative and killed multiple people. That is a ratings driver. 

Threatening to impale someone with a spear is some serious business. Especially when the guy who is threatening is an ex CIA operative. 

This is a great opportunity for a new show. Instead of Dual Survivor, how about Dual Agents? Send 2 ex CIA operatives that are bored with their everyday lives and let them hunt one another until one guy is killed. Survivor gets $1 million. Now that is can't miss television.