The sexual identity debate knows no bounds

This is a fair point. If us humans can change from a man to a woman, or claim that we are white, black, blue, purple, or orange, why can't an animal be considered both male and female?

In today's day and age, nobody can tell anyone what they are and what they are not and everyone has the right to claim where do animals fall into this? If dogs could talk I will tell you right now that these Bedlington Terriers are all confused when it comes to their sexual orientation. 

And there is a laundry list of species who have homosexual sex too: flamingos, dolphins, snails, vampire bats, sea lions, and killer whales are known to have male on male and female on female sex all the time.

Then you have the giraffe....94% of all sexual activity between 2 giraffes involves the same sex. 94% is no joke. And we can't forget bonobos, those things literally do whatever the hell they want all day everyday.

I'm just saying the animal world should be able to claim whatever they want too, even through they can't tell us humans what they decide on.