TB12 releases $200 cook book

Tom Brady is now offering a cookbook with 89 "secret" recipes. The novel is priced at $200 and can be purchased here in TB12's store. 

Thousands of people will buy this. TB12 is one of the best looking almost-39 year old's on planet earth, in some part because of his diet. He also has all the time in the world to take care of his figure during the off season, but whatever. These recipes are definitely gold and I'd buy this book were it not $200.

I would love to eat like TB12. I don't know why anyone wouldn't. Success breeds success and if you eat like success, you can become successful.   

The book is wooden. Classic Brady, nothing but class. Also, its called a nutritional manual, aka "listen up kiddos, this is how winning is done." I know 31 other professional QB's that should be reading this every night before they go to sleep.