WTF is this?

I have no words to describe how terribly dumb this outfit is. This is not a Lady GaGa "I'm pushing the boundaries" outfit, this is just a god awful look for the ages that serves neither form nor function. 

There are a few things normal humans usually consider before wearing an outfit....

1) Do I look like an asshole in this? (Yes you do Miley)

2) Will people be giving me double looks everywhere I go? (Everywhere you go and everything you do is worthy of double looks because you stink aka train wreck)

3) Does this outfit serve a form or function? (Unless Miley was planning on staying in on the couch for the day, no)

4) Do I have any other options? (Miley is rich, so yes)

5) Am I being inappropriate? (Always, Miley, always)

Either wear a jumper or wear yoga pants, do not combine the two Miley. That shit looks horrible.