Ellen found William Hung's kid

Back in 2004 William Hung improbably rose to fame by singing Ricky Martin's Hit "She Bangs" during American Idol's 3rd season. The audition was an all-time gem. 

At the time, American Idol was the biggest show on television and the entire world got a kick out of the funny looking guy who could in no way shape or form even come close to hitting a note. Although Hung retired from music in 2011 for a job as a technical crime analyst for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, his legend will never die thanks to the internet.

Recently, with a little help from The Ellen Show, Hung's story added another chapter in the form of a little kid named "Kai," who I believe to be Hung's long lost son. Take a listen.

That is what they call an uncanny resemblance. Like father, like son.