Teen showers Vegas tourists in urine

Fox News: What happens in Vegas, sprays in Vegas. Las Vegas tourists were treated to an unexpected, and unwelcome, sprinkling when a teenager riding a zip line through the Fremont Street Experience urinated on people below as he sped through the attraction on Wednesday.

Jesus. I have never been to Vegas, but if this is the kind of shit that "happens and stays there," I may never go. Straight nasty, nobody enjoys getting pissed on. Just a beautiful day in downtown Vegas when all of a sudden you may get pissed on? I'm going to assume that the kid was wasted for maybe the first time ever and couldn't hold his alcohol. 

From the looks of this picture, these zip lines are pretty high up, so the urine was no doubt coming in with some steam as it rained down on the people. 

Maybe it was a bet and the kid had to do it or admit defeat. Or maybe the kid hates heights like I do, but if you know you hate heights, zip lining is not a good idea. Who knows, perhaps a double dog dare? Either way, its gross and I am willing to bet that the kid is facing some sort of repercussion.

The story says his parents apologized on his behalf, which makes this kid look even worse. Shouldn't he be apologizing himself? He is a 15 years old after all. If you piss on some peoples head and mommy and daddy have to say sorry for you, you need help.