LD drops fire flames on Tim Westwood TV

Lil Dicky has been around for a few minutes now. The fact that he is both a comedian and rapper may confuse some, but the man has skills on the mic. Dicky is funny while rapping, and maybe some people cannot tell if he means to make fun of hip hop as a whole or just really wants to fit in. Either way, LD has bars for days.

I'm fully aware that rappers go into these interviews knowing they will be asked to freestyle and therefore have lyrics on their mind before they enter the studio. Either way, this is impressive. To be able to do this on cue, prepared or not, is talent in spades. Let me lay out a few choice lyrics for you. 

"I been skim milk chugging with a bitch hot as asphalt/bitch wonder why I'm coming quick, it's your ass fault"

"Oh they were sleeping, but now they awake/is he a Drizzy or Louis CK"

"People look at me prayer hoping/people look at you periscoping"

Also, the Lil Dicky dance where he looks like he's swimming and running at the same time is unreal (you can even see it here while he's sitting and freestyling). Very nice go to move.

Also, if you don't know Lil dicky yet, below is his biggest song to date.