AZ woman runs over boyfriend due to HIV

Arizona woman 'plows into her boyfriend with her car after he revealed he was HIV positive while LAUGHING' 
- Misty Lee Wilke, 43, of Phoenix has been accused of running over her boyfriend after learning he has HIV
- She allegedly rammed a red Ford Mustang into him as he was riding his bike on the morning of April 29
- The impact caused him to fly over the hood of the car, landing on pavement
- Her boyfriend survived the incident but was left suffering a fractured vertebra and severe head injury
- Wilke told police that prior to the incident, he was laughing when he told her has HIV and attacked her with a knife

Well damn. HIV is for sure no laughing matter, but I'm not sure anything warrants running someone over. I'm going to assume this was not the strongest of relationships to begin with, because there was clearly no attempt to talk this HIV situation out among either side. Granted, one side was laying pancake flat on the pavement. 

But eventually the guy gets up and stumbles off as a bystander looks on. Where in the world is the guy going? Just shaking off the fact that he just got in a car accident while he was riding a pedal bike? 

I'm pretty sure communication is one of the main things that either makes or brakes a relationship. No matter what your partner says you are supposed to TALK back in any manner you wish/feel is necessary. I've never seen anything that says road rage/attempted manslaughter is a cure for a relationship on the rocks. But this world we live in today is crazy enough that I can see these two getting together in the near future to talk things out. Or drag race.