Right in the toilet

I bought a brand new tube of toothpaste this past weekend. I was in dire need, just squeezing my empty tube, getting less and less to hit my brush each day. Finally got a new tube and now look:

As you can see, barely used tube now gone forever. Now, I am no contractor or designer, but wouldn't you think that a shelf with no doors belongs nowhere near a toilet? I suppose you could say that the toilet seat should always be down with a shelf above it, but this is a house of men so not a chance the seat is always down if we're being honest.

You better believe this tube of toothpaste fell in slow motion, I bumped into the shelf and watched for what felt like 10 painstaking seconds as the tube fell gracefully into the toilet, barely creating a splash, would have been a great diving score.

There was also no chance of me trusting that the toothpaste tube kept all of the toilet water out. Toilet toothpaste = trash, always.

Now I gotta go back to the store and buy another damn tube of toothpaste. I suppose I learned my lesson and from now on should never but a single tube. Gotta keep a backup due to the hungry toilet in my bathroom.