Hacker changes 200 ISIS Twitter accounts to Gay Pride/Porn

Anonymous hacker @WauchulaGhost has been hacking pro-ISIS accounts since at least March 2016, but possibly earlier. Around June 7, the @WauchulaGhost account was posting pornography-related images and slogans such as "I love porn" and Anonymous to pro-ISIS accounts.

The Anonymous hacker, or group of hackers, claimed on June 10 to have hacked into about 1,500 pro-ISIS, also referred to as Daesh, Twitter accounts and posted pornographic material. Anonymous also frequently tweets the pro-ISIS accounts' IP addresses, which included users in Turkey, the United Kingdom, Iraq, Jordan, Oman and elsewhere. - Source

This is one of the greatest troll jobs of all time. I love everything about the fact that some genius is hacking into ISIS accounts and changing them to Gay Pride posters. Too good.

ISIS has used social media platforms like Twitter as a tool for recruitment and to spread propaganda. Twitter claims to have shut down more than 125,000 accounts promoting extremism since 2015. - Source

Twitter could save themselves a lot of time and effort if they would just let hackers go wild on these ISIS accounts. If Twitter can't keep up with deleting them, making them advertise for Gay Pride is definitely the next best thing. Its harmless and absolutely hilarious. Twitter should be handing over all of the credentials to these ISIS accounts to the public anyway. Everyone deserves to know who/where/what they are.

Newsflash ISIS, there is NOTHING wrong with being gay. People can do whatever they want in today's world. They can change their sex, change their race, change their family, everyone can do whatever they hell they want. So enjoy the gay porn while you can (you should probably study up), because once you inevitably get caught, so help you God if you end up in a federal penitentiary.