Elephant plays with privates

I usually just scroll by all of the videos that random hip hop artists (like Waka Flocka Flame) post and somehow show up on my timeline. Most of them are so fake and dumb I have no time in my day to watch that crap. But when I see an elephant stomping on some dudes wiener, I have to stop scrolling and take a minute. 

Thailand is a mystery to me, I don't know what the hell happens on a daily basis over there, but its weird. Take this video for example, what male in his right mind lets a grown elephant stomp his privates. Is this this guy a celeb is Thailand? Is he Thailand's daredevil? Who is this asshole?

I don't care if its just the elephants trunk and foot, that animal is massive. I never want any part of an elephant near my private areas. 

What is stopping the elephant from taking its entire body and slamming it on this human? What about those horns? There are so many things that could ahve gone wrong is this situation. That guy better have walked off camera, dropped to his knees and prayed. 

Its videos like this that make me never want to visit Thailand.