Reevaluating at 25

Since I turn 25 today I decided to reevaluate the status of my life. Gotta make sure I am not throwing in the towel too early and/or failing at life worse than I failed art history in college.

And here we go....

1. Roof over my head - check! Living with 2 dudes and my dog is not a bad situation.

2. Job - check! The startup life ain't so bad, neither is working at a company that sells food

3. Debt - shit yeah! Thanks Sallie Mae, love you too.

4. Car - check! 2008 Subaru Impreza Sedan, possibly the most popular car in the Northeast.

5. Food in the fridge - never! I'm 25, not 30.

6. Health - check! Feeling spry as ever.

7. Dance moves - hahaha! As white and horrible as they have been since I was born.

8. Cooking skills - check! If I hadn't figured out how to prepare my own food by now I'd be dead.

9. Close family - check! Easily hte most important item on the list. 1 bro, 1 sis, mom, dad, Abby (dog).

10. Happiness - check! 

Safe to say I'm living the dream. Here's to another 75 years minimum. With scientific advancements maybe even longer.