My favorite parts of game 7

Everyone knows what happened during this years NBA finals. History was made. But, being a fan of neither team, I found various parts of the finals (especially game 7) entertaining.

1) Might as well start off with some basketball. This was my favorite play of the entire series, only because watching it live was a WOW moment. I had never seen anything quite like this block. LeBron is very close to hitting his head on the rim, it almost looks as if he may have been able to hang by his teeth at the height of his jump.

2) Next we have Kyrie Irvings' absurd shot chart. The kid was flinging the ball at the basket from every angle possible and it seemed as though he could not miss. Here are Irving's 5 most important/silly shots of game 7.

3) Next we have Lil Dicky's Instagram feed during game 7. LD somehow got his hands on some court side seats and made the most of his time on the hardwood by sharing all sorts of neat pics with the world. The caption is sooo good.

4) Last, but not least, Mr. JR Smith. In one of the most predictable moves of all time, Smith went absolutely crazy following the Cavs win. This is clearly not his first rodeo in Vegas.

Bonus: The Cleveland Browns QB jersey being retired means that what I tweeted immediately following the game last night is true. The Browns can go 0-16 this season and nobody in Cleveland will care, they will be too busy continuing to bask in their NBA title. It was a good run, QB jersey, may you rest in peace even though you have nothing to do with the sport of basketball at all.