Congrats Carmelo

When the Olympics kick off this summer, so will Carmelo Anthony's record setting climb to mediocrity. Melo will become the first USA basketball player to win 3 gold medals. Weeee!

Melo is one of a few NBA superstars who have decided to make the trip to Rio and risk Zika, and terrorists all for a(nother) gold medal.


Kyrie Irving

Harrison Barnes

Kevin Durant

DeMarcus Cousins

Draymond Green

Klay Thompson

Paul George

Kyle Lowry

DeMar DeRozan

Jimmy Butler

DeAndre Jordan

Carmelo Anthony

If that roster does not win the gold, it's rigged, and/or some of them died before the final round of competition. If I were any of these guys, I would never make the trip to Rio. They are all multi-millionaires and some of them NBA champs, why bother? There is way more to lose than there is to gain on the basketball court. Kyrie Irving should stay out at sea with his boats and hoes, basking in Cleveland's title.

Back to Melo. The guy is going to win, win, win this summer and then lose, lose, lose this upcoming NBA season. Because he wants the money more than he wants an actual world title (not the Olympic medal that they might as well hand to America now).

Congrats on your Olympic greatness Melo, and have fun with D-Rose and co. next season. You will never win a real world championship with the way the Knicks are currently constructed.