FDA approves device that drains your stomach

The AspireAssist will allow people to eat whatever they want and then drain 30% of the calories they just ate from their tummy. Basically mechanical bulimia. This is so weird, look at the photo rendering

AspireAssist works like this: In a 15-minute outpatient procedure, a surgeon implants a tube into a patient's stomach. The tube is connected to a valve that lies flush against the skin of the abdomen. Twenty to 30 minutes after every meal, the patient opens the valve and uses a connecting device to drain the stomach contents into a toilet. "The device removes approximately 30 percent of the calories consumed," the FDA said in announcing the approval on June 14.

How have I never heard of this thing? It's so dumb and unnecessary, but how has the word of this device not swept through the internet? Did I miss it? I feel like chicks will be all over this contraption.....anything to lose weight and eat shit!

Where exactly would someone drain their stomach? In public? Is this going to be the next breastfeeding in public type debate? And does this device make people hungry 24/7 since they are losing a third of everything they pump out? Will health care cover these procedures? I have a million questions about this device and since the FDA signed off on it, I should have the answered in 15-20 years.

This is an opening can of worms that is much larger than both human intestines tied together.  

Maybe in the future devices like this can help people who cannot workout in order to lose weight, that I can see being a successful implementation for the AspireAssist. But, for anyone who is able-bodied, get off your ass and work out.

Technology is crazy, and I am honestly surprised it's taken us this long to start to toy with what is basically an easy to use stomach siphon that will be available to everyone one day.