ATV rider taunts police

Apparently their are counties that have outlawed police pursuits? What is the point of even having cops if ass clowns like this can just ride circles around police vehicles and laugh?

In Prince George's county, officers can only chase suspects with serious felonious charges against them and even then only after the officer gets permission from a superior officer.

Huh? Might as well just leave the streets police free. I'm pretty sure in NH if anyone was doing wheelies down the highway they would be immediately detained and possibly never seen again.

This guy knows the cops won't pursue him (although they are now searching for him), so he will never stop taunting them. Anyone that is being taunted without reason should have the opportunity to have a say in the situation. This video is the equivalent of a bully coming up to a kid, stealing his lunch money and then lighting it on fire while the kid shrugs and walks away.

If I am a car on the highway I want the guy doing wheelies, causing distractions, putting everyone in danger taken away. There are so many bad drivers on the road we don't need to complicate the situation by adding distractions. You think texting and driving is bad? How about driving while watching some dick head pop wheelies?