"Can you hear me now" guy is at Sprint

Paul Marcarelli (better know as Mr. can you hear me now?) is now a Sprint customer. Brilliant marketing by Sprint. They know damn well that everyone that saw the guy on Verizon ads for his 9 year stint is going to question their eyes, therefore paying more attention to the commercial they are watching. 

This Marcarelli guy must a be genius by the way. To sign another commercial deal with a direct competitor for the company you used to work for not only takes some balls, but also the ability to truly sell yourself, not to mention the fact that nobody knows who this guy really is. He's never been in anything else, just a wireless kind of guy.

Sprint/Verizon guy is like a wireless hooker at this point. Its all about the bottom line for him. Marcarelli is like the Darrelle Revis of the cell phone world. No allegiance, just a mercenary who will be loyal to the highest bidder. He will change the color of his shirt on a whim for a few bucks. 

I love the confidence Mr. Marcarelli.