Goose V. Eagle ends exactly how you would expect

Canadian Goose V. American Bald Eagle. What an uneven match up. You might as well put the New England Patriots up against the Montreal Alouettes, or maybe Drake v. Jay Z. No contest.

You know what geese do well? Shit, like literally take poops. I guarantee you this goose took multiple shits during his short battle with the most majestic bird on the planet. The bald eagle is smiling as it should be. Just knowing this battle is wrapped up before it even started.

Typical Canadian move to lay down and play dead like the goose decided to do. The eagle could not be happier to be alive. Look at him just standing their with his tongue out like a puppy that just ate. God Bless America and whoever decided that the bird that represents this great country is not a disgusting animal like that goose.