Marky Mark gets golf course in backyard

Mark Wahlberg posted a photo to his Instagram thanking some golf course installation company, and for good reason:

That's his back yard?! Really? He might as well have a full 18 holes put in. I've never even seen a course that nice. Marky Mark just standing there with his long locks of hair. I need more photos of this backyard Mark. I'm picturing pools, slides, courts, waterfalls, sand castles. 

Wahlberg is not someone you see in the media driving around in his Lamborghini or wearing $10,000 shoes, its good to know he is spending his money on something practical. I respect a this amazing backyard much more than I respect a car that you can't fit a suitcase in and costs $400 to fill up.

The only question left is whether or now he is a scratch golfer, with a practice setup like that, he better be.