Truth is: dogs do indeed mirror their owners

A little over 2 years ago when I walked into the Humane Society in Nashua, NH I had no idea what I was doing. Having never had a dog growing up, I knew I wanted one, and that was the only thing I was sure about that day. That, and I knew I didn't want an pure bred ass hole of a dog adorned in a sweater that liked to smoke cigars.  After a few walks and interactions with an interesting group of pooches, I ended up coming home with this.

Big, shedding, smelly dog for my first pet as I move out of the house......YUP!

But I quickly began to realize that the pooch was nothing short of a furry version of myself. Traits Abby and I share include but are not limited to...

1. Being relaxed/calm 99% of the time.

Abby NEVER barks, ever. You basically have to threaten her life to get a bark out of her. It's very hard to make me genuinely angry, very few people have seen me angry.....same.

2. Capable of making decisions/doing our own thing.

Abby is not afraid to do her own thing. There may be 25 dogs at the dog park, but if her little heart desires, you will find her by her lonesome in a grassy corner sniffing away at dirt. I am largely the same. Never enjoyed getting wasted in college with my friends, don't care for Pokemon Go.....same.

3. Love for people.

Both Abby and I love people. Abby sits on benches like she is a human and I enjoy getting to know new people whenever I get the chance.....same

4. Love for running.

The most common compliment Abby gets at the dog park/out in public (after "she's beautiful") is "she's fast for a big girl." I have done my fair share of running in my 25 years on this planet as well and I like to think I'm, never mind......same.

5.  Fearing dumb/irrational things.

Abby gets nervous around fireworks, loud music, or any other sudden loud noise. She somehow knows the difference between those noises and things like the radio or a blender, which she doesn't mind, but whatever. Anyone who knows me well knows I don't like being alone, elevators, or flying. You know what all of these things that Abby and I fear have in common? They are harmless, but none the less, create problems for us. 

Growing up, I always heard people say that dogs are like their owners. I never had a dog so I never really knew if that was true or not. Abby and I may not look the same appearance wise like the feeble old lady I see walking her 3 legged dog around my neighborhood, but we are largely the same when it comes to how we approach life.