Pokemon Go is the perfect Asian dating app

Pokemon Go has taken over the world. As I sit at work and watch kids walk around the parking lot staring down at their smart phones while trying to "catch em all," I can't help but think of a better use for this app: Finding true love.

If millions of people are going to be walking around, using the geo-location feature on their phones, and catching pretend anime creatures, why can't these people find soul mates in the process? Asian people are smart, and the Asians that invented this Pokemon Go disaster are no exception. Name a better way for 2 young, socially awkward Asian teens to interact and begin a relationship. You can't.

Here's how Pokemon Go should really work. Forget the dumb anime 90's creatures from the past. Let everyone who want's to play this crap create a username. Then, instead of searching for Pokemon, people will be searching for human companions.

On the map, usernames would show the option to be selected. Once selected, a profile would appear and the player who is in pursuit can decide whether he or she would like to "catch" the player, using a Pokeball of course.

Once 2 players have caught one another, they would begin to chat, most likely about their favorite Pokemon characters. At least with Pokemon Go as a dating app, players know that anyone they will catch will love Pokemon too. This will allow them to avoid some of the awkward conversations during the beginning of their relationship.

Once paired up, the 2 players will continue to play the Pokemon Go game as a team. They will no longer show up on the map and will both hunt Pokemon together until they catch them all and live happily ever after. 

If the couple ever decides to split, both parties get put back onto the map as available usernames for others to match with.  

Instead of having groups of people who are not talking to one another as they dabble in virtual reality, this allows players to have some human interaction, team up, and show their love for Pokemon. It's like a live action dating app.

As it stands, Pokemon Go is so stupid. I just solved it. Boom.