Do you Pokemon Go?

Having already posted about Pokemon Go! I am risking overkill with this latest blog, but my experience "playing" Pokemon Go! is different from the millions of kids who have become consumed. So, why not...

Every day at work I can look out the window and witness kids of all ages and backgrounds walking, aimlessly staring at their phones, chasing the mythical creatures that don't exist. My dog Abby comes to work with me most days and I have to walk her every few hours, allowing me to get in close contact with the Pokemon Go! players that are hovering around the building.

When Abby and I pass someone we suspect to be playing, Abby goes for the leg sniff while I say, "hey man, you playing Pokemon?" I get the same response every time, "yes!" With a smile, followed by, "Are you playing?" Or "have you seen a (insert Pokemon name I've never heard.)"

I reply with another smile and, "no, what?" Which is met with a few laughs and the Pokemon players going about their hunt. This interaction all happens within seconds and if I am lucky the Pokemon player uses a millisecond to look up and acknowledge that I exist in real life, not on his or her phone screen. It's all crazy to me.

 I am a little surprised that this game still has legs. I figured people would realize that there is no real way to "catch em all" and they would drop the game and move onto the next hot app of the week. Still waiting for that to happen as I write this blog. 

Not sure what is weirder in 2016, a 90's video game coming back to life, or having the 2 politicians with the all-time lowest approved ratings running head-to-head for a chance to be the leader of the free world. 

PS. Rumor is Hollywood studios are clamoring for the rights to a Pokemon Movie. That will be a massive blockbuster bust. Guaranteed. Book it.