Can the NFL suspend you and I?

As of right now, both Tom Brady and Johnny Manziel are both scheduled to serve suspensions for the upcoming season. These suspensions are being served for VERY different reasons, neither of which are suspension worthy. Which begs the question.....can Roger Goodell suspend you and I from the upcoming season?

Manziel has not been on an NFL roster in months and judging by his social media feeds, is in no shape to even be asking for a chance or prayer to join an NFL team anytime soon. Nonetheless, he is suspended 4 games for the upcoming season.

Brady never did anything but beat the tar out of a ton of teams over the last few years. It's been more than 500 days since the game against the Colts and nobody has come forward with any credible evidence that Brady ever did anything to gain a competitive advantage. Nonetheless, he is suspended 4 games for the upcoming season.

This leads me to believe that there is actually more than a 0% chance that I will be suspended at some point during the upcoming NFL season. Sure, there's no rhyme or reason to suspend me from the NFL, but that doesn't seem to matter anymore. I'll just be sitting in my living room this season, watching some harmless professional football games, and I wouldn't be surprised if the TV cut out.

Maybe one Sunday night I am sitting on my couch and I decide I don't like the new Sunday Night Football song, so I start whining to the TV and cursing the NFL for the lame tune....and whammy! Black screen.

Why? Because "the powers that be" can suspend anyone they feel like, for any reason they feel like.