China serving sewer shrimp

"According to a Chinese publication called NetEase, vendors in Wuhan have been selling shrimp balls that are made from the most unsavory of seafood, processed in pretty much the most nauseating way possible.

The travesty begins when some of the shrimp that are handled in the markets of Baishizhou ended up in local sewers during cleaning and packaging. Scavenging seafood vendors have been scooping up these discarded sewer shrimp and—in order to make a fast renminbi—taking them to nearby public toilets. There, literally in the toilets, they sort the shrimp. Then, they use the dirty floor as a prep area where they combine the scavenged shrimp with other fish and form them into balls to be cooked and sold nearby—to the unsuspecting public. By adding other ingredients and turning the bathroom bounty into shrimp balls, the vendors are able to better mask the suspect origin of the sewer seafood." - Munchies

This is one of those stories that I really hope is fake. Those little shrimps are gross to begin with, let alone if they are being found on the grimy streets of China IN THE SEWERS. And then cleaned in public restrooms. For years we have been hearing about crazy shit happening in China, but this is right up their with the worst of those stories. 

I don't understand how anyone can get shrimp this way and actually serve it to another human. I know I couldn't. I don't care if I was broke and this was the only job available, its something that your brain says "no effing way" to and you turn that opportunity down. The people who are serving these shrimp are savages. There are a lot of jobs that I would never do based on interest and/or skills, but this is one that I would have to let common sense have a say.

I find it hilarious that these people think taking the shrimp they found in the sewers and washing them in a public bathroom is okay. They might as well take them from the sewer and place them directly on a plate for customers to eat. If there's a difference between the sewers and public bathrooms in China, I've yet to hear about it. I think they are one and the same. 

"Sewer shrimp, get ya sewer shrimp here."