Thoughts on Durant

Let me start off by saying that I have no problem at all with what Durant did. It was the 4th of July this weekend was it not? Is that not a celebration of our freedom to do with our lives what we wish? God Bless America. I'd rather live in a country where Durant can do whatever he wants than one where he has no say in his future.

Additional thoughts....

1. Durant left the Thunder in part because he was sick of coming up short. when you are as talented as Durant, coming up short does not sit well with fans/critics for long. But, by joining the 73 win Warriors, Durant will be under more pressure next season than he ever was in OKC.

2. The days of the Warriors being unanimously cheered everywhere they go are over. They will no longer be just a fun team to watch that everyone had a soft spot for. Not after this years finals incidents and the addition of Durant.

3. On paper, the Warriors now have what appears to be the most dangerous starting lineup an NBA team has ever put on the hardwood. As of now the Warriors also have almost no bench/depth for when the big 4 get sleepy during a game.

4. How come nobody is talking about the fact that David West may be on the most driven ring seeking journey of all time? The guy could have signed for a ton of money last off season, instead choosing to take almost nothing and play for the Spurs. Now that the Spurs lost, West joined the Warriors for almost no dollars in hopes of getting a shiny piece of jewelry. Crazy.

5. The Thunder need to trade Westbrook now. If they fail to do so before the trading deadline, they run the risk of getting nothing for him when he walks after this season. Westbrook is a weird guy, but I don't think he's weird enough to hangout in OKC and be a 5th seed forever.

6. Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Kevin Durant are all going to Rio this summer. I see this playing out one of two ways. First, these 3 Warriors will bond and slowly push Curry out of the circle of trust, creating chemistry problems on the court and dooming the season. Okay, maybe not dooming the season, but at least starting off slow enough to bring the critics out. The other scenario that could play out is Thompson, Green, and Durant all contract Zika during the Rio games and the Warriors are left with just Curry.

Who knows....I'm just happy Al Horford came to the C's to help out Isaiah Thomas!