Big ups to Big Vince

Vince Wilfork can do whatever he wants with his football career, I will never root for anything but his success. Just an all around good guy by all accounts. He did his time with the Pats and won 2 championships before chasing dollars.

Let's celebrate Vince with today's release of ESPN's Body Magazine issue. Big Vince looking amazing on those pages. 

Sure, there are plenty of chiseled athletes in this years issue, but those chiseled bodies cannot hold a candle to big Vince. I don't care how many abs an athlete may have, Vince can put a fist right through them.

Vince says it himself, "I'm not a big fan of disrespect. Do whatever you want, but don't disrespect me. People can talk about me all they want, I'll never lose sleep."

Vince is a first class individual and I would be willing to bet that after football he slims down and looks like a brick shit house. I bet the guy is around 280 and jacked out of his mind.

In the meantime, if you want to say something about his physique, watch out for his forty inch arms that will probably knock your head off. 

PS. If his arms don't get you, his saint of a wife will.