The Eagles in San Diego looking like the cast of the next Adam Sandler movie

Classic Eagles.

- Jordan Matthews looks like a man who has been working out nonstop this off season, good job guy. Let's hope those new muscles can help you hold on to some more footballs.

- Sam Bradford never ever goes anywhere without sleeves, even the beach. Would it kill him to get a little sun? I understand he is standing next to Matthews and is probably intimidated, but take the god damn LONG SLEEVE shirt off.

- Is that Gabrielle Union in the middle? That could very well be her next to that shorter version of D-Wade in the yellow tank top.

- Chase Daniel and his wife are not loving being in this photo

- Wentz looks like a kid who just got out of college. He needs to keep picking things up and putting them down. Tall-gangly-looking-dude.

- Finally you have Randle on the end just looking faded under those glasses. Between him and Metthews, the Eagles very well could lead the league in dropped passes in 2016.

The Eagles are going to stink this season. I don't care what anyone says. This photo is hilarious and shows me they are on the fast track to the bottom of the NFC East. I don't give a damn about them as a team, but this photo is worth a caption or two.