Listen to NFL stars talk about Tom Brady

Tom Brady will always have his detractors. Living his life comes with people trying to find ways to bring him down to earth while all he's trying to do is be the greatest QB to ever live. Us normal people sit here and pick him apart, claiming a million ways to Sunday that he must be cheating or doing something wrong to be able to remain this good for this long.

While Deflategate bull&$%# marches on and fans of rival franchises continue to belittle his accomplishments and chalk them up to anything but his greatness, his NFL peers know what they are witnessing. They realize they will never see anything like Brady again. They are not afraid to go on the record and say he is a living legend. Don't take my word for it, take theirs.

The NFL does this rating thing each off season, like any list, it can be picked apart and debated. Last year at age 37 Brady was #3, this year at 38 years old he was #2. Keep betting against him people, do it.