#Truth - get your jaws off the ground fellas

Huge shout out to Erin Bailey for her article titled What Do We Deserve. One of the realest articles I've read in quite some time. If you have yet to read it, the link is above. I'm not going to explain it, as it needs to be read in its entirety. 

Erin is 100% right in everything she says about being a female at the gym, out for a run, or doing any other form of exercise. As someone who spent 12 years running on co-ed cross country teams, watching girls you run with day after day get stared at, hit on, or made fun of for what they are (or are not) wearing was always a part of the culture.

Now that I am no longer part of a school sanctioned cross country team, I get to see the same male behavior towards women every time I go to the gym to workout. I could go to the gym wearing shorts that barely cover my man parts, an American flag bandanna, lime green running shoes, and a shirt with holes for my nipples to pop through and I may get a single weird look or double take, maybe.

But, if a girl wears anything and I mean anything (including socks) that are tight, short, colorful, or different, they might as well be walking around naked. Its not only the really fit girls this applies to, its all girls who are working out with the guys. Any female that is at the gym or out on a run, doing yoga, or anything, deserves the same amount of respect that any man at the gym working out with his boys gets. This is not a feminism thing, its a respect thing. Everyone should feel safe working out, no matter where they choose to do so.

I'm not going to sit here and act like I never look if a beautiful girl walks by while I am at the gym or on a run, but you will never see me with my mouth wide open because a girl is wearing a pair of yoga pants, or attempting to get a girls number while she is in the middle of her own respective workout. Save that look for your bedroom. Get numbers at a bar or other social function. Lift up your jaw, and keep lifting your weights.