F*^$ these people who got married in mid-air

Cosmo - Both hiking enthusiasts, Zedhir and Reshma met each other while trekking outdoors and wanted to honor the roots of their love when it was time to tie the knot. Dressed in traditional Indian wedding attire, the couple was suspended 90 meters in the air, or almost 300 feet, using a series of ropes and pulleys (side note: do they make wedding harnesses?). From that height, they carried out the ceremony in full, including exchanging garlands.

What a bunch of assholes. No doubt these 2 deserve one another. There are a billion different ways you can decide to tie the knot, this is one of the many garbage options. Wouldn't these 2 have been just as happy getting married atop a skyscraper? I don't care how much they like to hike with one another and hold hands, theirs no way dangling in the air while saying your vows is comfortable. Was the reception also in mid-air? 

Even if this ceremony was 30 seconds long, who attended? Were their parents on the ground with binoculars looking up, thinking "good riddance?" Maybe they just used the cameramen for witnesses? Either way, it's clear the only reason they went about this charade was for the publicity. 

I think for their honeymoon, they should be required to remain 300 feet in the air at all times. It's only right. They now need to spend a week dangling above the beautiful tropical island that normal people who get married on the ground get to go and play on. 

Why do people do things like this?